credits: Geraldine Van Wessem

Leen Decin

      Name: Prof. Leen Decin
   Project: Infrared astronomy, theoretical model spectra,
            AGB stars, molecular lines, wind models 
    Office: 03.37
     Phone: (+32) 16 32 70 41 (direct)
     Phone: (+32) 16 32 70 27 (secretary) 
       FAX: (+32) 16 32 79 99
        At: Instituut voor Sterrenkunde
   Address: Celestijnenlaan 200 D
            B - 3001 Heverlee (Leuven)


    Spouse: Kristof Dessein
  Children: Vere (born January 8, 2002)
            Rhune (born March 31, 2004)
            Noore (born July 28, 2006)
Activities: Member of Vrouw en Universiteit (Women and University) at 
            the Catholique University of Leuven 
            Member of the Nederlandse Astronomen Club (NAC)


What I'm doing in astronomy...

Infrared spectroscopic line lists

This document contains a listing of all the atomic and molecular spectroscopic data as used in my Ph.D. Thesis. A summary of all the spectroscopic line lists is given in Sect. 1 -- 6, while a comparison between some line lists is made in Sect. 7. This document should be referred to as ``Decin, L., 2000, PhD thesis `Synthetic spectra of cool stars observed with the Short-Wavelength Spectrometer: improving the models and the calibration of the instrument', University of Leuven''.


SIRTF related stuff...


Herschel/HIFI related documents


some personal things...

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