credits: Geraldine Van Wessem

Leen Decin

      Name: Prof. Leen Decin
   Project: Infrared astronomy, theoretical model spectra,
            AGB stars, molecular lines, wind models 
    Office: 03.37
     Phone: (+32) 16 32 70 41 (direct)
     Phone: (+32) 16 32 70 27 (secretary) 
       FAX: (+32) 16 32 79 99
        At: Instituut voor Sterrenkunde
   Address: Celestijnenlaan 200 D
            B - 3001 Heverlee (Leuven)


  Children: Vere (born January 8, 2002)
            Rhune (born March 31, 2004)
            Noore (born July 28, 2006)


What I'm doing in astronomy...

Infrared spectroscopic line lists

This document contains a listing of all the atomic and molecular spectroscopic data as used in my Ph.D. Thesis. A summary of all the spectroscopic line lists is given in Sect. 1 -- 6, while a comparison between some line lists is made in Sect. 7. This document should be referred to as ``Decin, L., 2000, PhD thesis `Synthetic spectra of cool stars observed with the Short-Wavelength Spectrometer: improving the models and the calibration of the instrument', University of Leuven''.


SIRTF related stuff...


Herschel/HIFI related documents


some personal things...

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